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  1. Subscribed. Love me some dr. Fung

  2. This is fairly timely as I just had my quarterly blood draw and urine test to check on my diabetes.

    When I asked my doctor about my microalbumin creative ratio, he told me it’s another sign of the progression of diabetes but didn’t really explain what it meant. Finally, I know what it means after listening to this podcast!

    Also, it seems as though integrating intermittent fasting into my regimen may have helped lower this…or maybe not.

    30 Dec 2016: 85
    23 May 2017: 53 <— Started Intermittent fasting here
    17 August 2017: 117
    19 Dec 2017: 41

    Obviously now that I know what this means, I’m going to pay closer attention and do my part to ensure this remains low (like my blood glucose).

  3. This was a very moving podcast. And @carl, I’m enjoying the new music.

  4. Jen says:

    Previously on a 2ketodudes podcast you asked for feedback on the music- I’m not sure where to put that. I like it. Early on it was a little distracting, but I think that’s just because I was used to the dudes’ style.

    The content of this podcast was amazing. It was very moving. I’m grateful for this man sharing his story.

  5. My HBA1C was lovely - down to 48 from 79 last time :smiley:

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